Health and environment : a time for solutions


The COVID-19 pandemic and climate change have clearly underscored the interconnectedness of health and the environment.    

Environmental degradation profoundly impacts human health in various ways:

Pollution directly contributes to a growing number of diseases and fatalities.
Climate change leads to a variety of natural calamities affecting agriculture and water resources, directly impacting human well-being and presenting formidable humanitarian challenges.
Human interference with animals and ecosystems, resulting in reduced biodiversity, scarcity of farmland, and the industrialization of agriculture and livestock farming, constitutes a source of epidemics (such as Ebola and COVID-19) and significantly contributes to antibiotic resistance.
This degradation is most acutely felt in impoverished regions, exacerbating health inequalities worldwide.

Additionally, the healthcare system itself contributes to environmental degradation.

Momentum: At the World Health Assembly 2024, a report will be presented on the actions undertaken by WHO to address the impact of climate change on health, as well as the impact of chemicals, waste, and pollution on human health.

The Geneva Health Forum conference will provide a platform for sharing experiences among stakeholders from academia, the private sector, political actors, and civil society. These exchanges will highlight the works of organizations addressing these challenges and actively implementing tangible solutions.