We note the definition of the terms used for this cartography.

Global Health

The definition of global health has not yet reached an international consensus. In this cartography, the notion of global health refers to the definition of the School of Geneva defined in this article.

We consider organizations that strive to address the following issues in their dynamics :

  1. Cross–border / multilevel approach,
  2. Inter / trans–disciplinarity,
  3. Systems thinking,
  4. Innovation,
  5. Sustainability,
  6. Human rights/equity
  7. Social and environmental determinants


The type of organization describes the administrative status of the organizations.

  • Academic organization (University, school, institute...): these are organizations whose main mandate is education. They may be public or private organizations.
  • For profit sector: These are for-profit companies.
  • Foundation: These can be foundations with a financial purpose or foundations that implement their own activities.
  • International organization (except United Nations): These are organizations registered in the canton of Geneva with the status of an international organization.
  • Mutual insurance, cooperative: These are mutual insurance companies or cooperatives.
  • NGO, CSO or association: These are non-profit associations.
  • Other type of organization: These are organizations that do not fit into any other category.
  • Partnership, alliance, network or initiative: These are initiatives that do not have their own legal status. They are hosted administratively by another organization.
  • Professional organization: These are the professional federations representing specific health professions. They may be registered as an association or a foundation.
  • Public sector: These are public sector organizations.
  • United Nations: These are agencies or initiatives that depend on the United Nations.

This directory does not included all the actors from the private sector. For more information about the actors of the Swiss Health Valley, we propose you to see the directory maintained by BioAlps.


Geographical area covered by this cartography.

This cartography concerns the actors involved in global health located in the Greater Geneva area (Grand Genève in French). You can see the Swiss and French territory concerned on this link : https://www.grand-geneve.org/les-communes-du-grand-geneve

Some of the actors are noted in this directory even if their offices are outside the Greater Geneva area because they develop activities in the Greater Geneva area.